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Stop The Denial: Arteta-Ball Is Bad For Arsenal

Latest Podcast: After the trashing of Arsenal by Aston Villa last Sunday, yours truly and Blackburn George, after weeks of discussion of the issue in our podcasts, are now convinced Mikel Arteta is unable to set up Arsenal to play attacking football. Despite our initial hopes and dreams that Arteta would return Arsenal to playing a more positive brand of football, it is now clear the Spaniard is more like his old coach, David Moyes, in his regimented, highly structured set-up whose primary objective is to stop the other team from playing. That is why performances since Project Restart have been generally poor despite some significant victories. It doesn’t matter who is selected, playing Arteta-ball, Arsenal will finish mid-table.

The evidence is glaring in front our eyes. It is time to stop the denial, Arteta-ball is bad for the club.

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  1. “Just like I never thought this club would be descending so much, so fast without Arsène, I then–after Emery time–couldn’t imagine the same tragic mistake and let-down from Arteta. Now I’ve definitely learnt my lesson: Arsenal is/(was) not that special, it’s its manager who was totally so.” – Blogger1886

  2. Rosicky@ArsenalNovember 13, 2020 at 4:40 am

    Great work as usual George and Shotta. Wonder why Willian who looked a better player at Chelsea is so poor at Arsenal. As I was of the view he was bought to replace Ozil in the side as the playmaker. Probably Artetaball focuses too much on defence and Willian will not be able show his creative talent he showed at Chelsea.
    Not denying the fact that Ozil is a far better player than Willian.

    So the idiot fans may still be praising Artetaball and celebrating that they have got their beloved Arsenal back I wonder when they will get the shock of their lives after Arsenal will finish midtable this season.

    • Most of fans wilfully ignore the depth of the rot that has set in and wishfully think the football will get better.

  3. Thanks to @GeoffArsenal for this kind comment about our podcast. He is the most honest and sincere of all the Arsenal big accounts on Twitter.



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