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Trashing the Values of Arsenal FC

The historic halls of Highbury weep in shame.

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace was another demonstration of the trashing of the values of Arsenal Football Club and the decline in standard of football. Blackburn George and yours truly discuss how the club now treats players like sh*t and destroy the values of respect and honor that our football club was once renowned for.

Xhaka was thrown under the bus joining Ozil and Koscielny as well as the youngsters Willock and Maitland-Niles.

Contracts are withdrawn and players treated with disrespect without any regard for their well being or any contractual agreement. Once upon a time an agreement with Arsenal was sacrosanct. Now the club trashes a player’s reputation through deceit and lies in the media prior to walking back on any agreement. Cazorla, Ramsey and Monreal come to mind. Sooner than later this will damage the playing staff at the football club.

Emery bears immediate responsibility but we find Raul Sanllehi ultimately accountable as Emery reports to him. In his capacity as chief executive for football operations he must approve these decisions. The club is going down the gutter under his management. This is regardless of whether or not there is a change in the head coach.

Said change in manager/head-coach is a necessity, something George and I have said many times previously. and now a popular cry among Arsenal fans. Again reflecting how far values and standards have declined, many fans are now desperate for the classless Jose Mourinho to become the club’s new manager simply because almost all feel he can do a better coaching job. Rather than set some standard to which Arsenal will not fall, Sanllehi had him as a specially invited guest of the football club at a recent Europa League match. How much lower will the club go?

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  1. Smart observations discussed lads. Agree with all your saying. Said in a decent manner worth listening to, too.
    Horrible time.
    We used to ignore how the opposition played and did our own thing, not we mimic the pla of our opposition!
    Even if we had made CL this year, I think we would have been really crushed and maybe not even dropped down into the EL…
    LG and many Wobs were well into the idea of JM coming in though…
    Ive often wondered if Mesut and some of the other players have phoned up Wenger for advice/av a moan?

    I wonder if UE will play Ö against LIverpool? Klopp will have the Ox out against us…

    Thanks Shotta and George.

  2. Thank you guys.

    the Big Blaggers who destroyed their credibility over the last season with their inability to comment upon the football on the football pitch will not call out the idiot who appointed Emery in the first place.

    And that is the true horror of the situation and circumstance. Because:

    I wrote on Shotta’s blog two months ago that Emery had lost the dressing room and the fan base. After what happened with Koscielny and Monreal not forgetting last season with Rambo and Ozil this was inevitable and anyone who thinks this is all on Emery is either very very stupid or they are a liar.

    We are watching a car crash in slow motion and none of these parasites are willing or able, clearly, to call out an apparent head of Football Relations who is crap at the old football relations job – considering how the agents of Rambo, Ozil, Koscielny and Monreal have all run circles around him on behalf of their clients. Similar to how the Sheffield Utd/Watford/Villa coach were running rings around Raul’s man Emery on the pitch.

    These two cowboys who’ve been respectively shown up as bumbling nasty little frauds in their respective areas came to the club together. The only way Club can possibly recover in the short to medium term is if they both go.

    Given that Raul was paying for the PR about people wanting to build a statue of himself to cover up his history of haveig been taken to court & being involved in some of the worst transfers in the history of the sport this will not happen anytime soon. (has any Big Arsenal Blagging Bullshitter reported on this to their listerners????)

    I’ll be switching to the WSL in the medium to short term too then by the looks of it. Why would I want to pay for the privalage of watching a pair of c***s act like c***s whilst lining their pockets and playing the worst football any of us will ever see?

    Not to mention the sabotage of a once great football club and institution. Fizman tried his best to stem the tide. But the sloshing new friends of our slosherpathic PM are here to screw us all over bigtime. I suppose it suits the zeitgeist.

    Wexit or bust eh?

    • Fins: I saw this on twitter earlier. Apparently Emery ran crying to Josh’s office last night and received his support. If true, no wonder the pathetic state of the club. I would advice Josh to stay as far away from the day-to-day as possible. He is out of his depth. Clear to me Raul is running rings around him maneuvering and cutting deals.

      • Shotta given the spitting rage from the likes of Hugh Whizzy how do we interpret the stony silence of this so called Black Scarf Movement regarding this crooked monster Raul.

        Where they always just a PR vehical for this hostile corporate takeover?

        I hope that’s what they were and are as the alternative is that they are just a bunch of stupid and nasty cunts. Who, let’s be fair and real now: who know fuck all about the Football.

        • There is a special place in hell for the Black Scarfists, LeGrovers and the ragtag rent-a-malcontent mob who have infested the fan base. They have been enabled by the numerous bloggers and podcasters who decided 22 years of consistently competing among the top-4 was not good enough. They were allowed to bully and belittle any player that was a convenient target. They said anybody but Wenger could improve this squad. £200 million later it is a sure slide to mediocrity.

  3. Excellent stuff from Shotts and George.

    Fair assessment of the current situation. I must admit, I don’t get the feeling that the Arsenal way as we now is going, it feels like it gone to me. I sense envy here; like Arsene is so revered and his imprint on the Club is so massive that they are trying to de-Arsenize the club so they can feel like it’s all about what they have done. Well… you simply cannot undo 22 years of class, dignity and style (especially is such a short time) because the supporters will not allow it.

    I don’t know if Emery is being instructed but if so Im not going to feel sorry for a yes man. He ought to want his team to play good football above all else (as long as the players respect him). So, pick the best players and put them in the best positions so the team can win. Like Torreira as a DM for crying out loud.

  4. Also agree about our young French man Guen. Dude should be in the reserves for me. I just don’t see it as yet. I really try to give the benefit of the doubt but he does not seem ready as yet. I don’t see him play balls that get the team in a dangerous position. His passes are usually sideways of backwards. Denilson was more talented then he is and remember how the clown supporters trashed him, talking about he always passed the ball backwards? but some how Guen does exactly that for the most part and he is the golden boy. That being said I want him to prove me wrong as I do Emery.

  5. As far as the treatment of Ramsey. Isn’t strange that Emery did not play Ramsey in so many matches last season but blamed Ramsey for getting himself injured by playing against Napoli (too many matches he said). How does that work? You can sit the player for no blasted reason at all but you don’t have the authority to do it for health purposes?

    Arsene would have blamed himself. I am convinced of that.


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