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Why Did Arsenal Lose To A Poor Manchester United?

YouTube Match Review:

In the post-game match review with  Blackburn George, Ehab and yours truly, we share the disappointment and frustration of most Gooners in losing to a poor, disjointed, hesitant  Manchester United team but emphasize the fault is not the players. As it has been all season, this team does not create enough. Despite having greater possession, more touches and taking more shots Arsenal was inferior in creating Big Chances, i.e. 3 vs1, and of the 3 United converted 2 while Arsenal did not convert its sole opportunity.

In our opinion, so far improvements this season are marginal compared to last. Our frustration is that while we can recognize the flaws, why not Arteta. Our team has good players but they are neither good in defense nor attack, especially in creating chances. So we struggle to beat poor teams and are very poor against the better teams.  We refrain from being Arteta-Outers but to us the process is not working. We are convinced this will be again a roller-coaster season with fans emotions riding and falling with wins and draws. Unfortunately, we see another modest season unfolding with no clear direction for the future.

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