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Will Arsenal “Go For It” At Leicester?

Written by: Shard aka @ShardGooner

An early kickoff on Saturday sees Arsenal travel to the fox’s lair and this while we have a bout of upset tummies. Nothing too concerning it seems and I’m sure we’ll be fine and continue our good form. We comprehensively beat Aston Villa, and also won in midweek with Eddie’s goal being my favorite. Ben White did come off injured but I’m confident he will be ok, despite Arteta’s attempts at mind-games.

Brendan Rodgers suddenly finds himself linked with the ManU job, and that is interesting. He’s had some good moments at Leicester, but when push-comes-to-shove they always seem to find themselves just short of making top 4. Not sure why they’d go for him over Conte. Anyway, those are still problems we’re a bit aways from having although we’re now just 3 points away despite being in 10th. But hopefully Rodgers is a little distracted by these rumors, even as Arteta is totally not focused on Barcelona. No snark intended.

This is a Big Game

Because this really is a big game for us. Leicester’s title win gave them a platform to raise their profile and standing in the game and they’ve, for the most part, done so at the cost of a club like us. We really need to start re-establishing the order of things. They’ve won 4 of their last 7 games against us after a 22-year winless PL streak.

As it stands both clubs are on 14 points and separated just by goal difference. (Leicester 0, Arsenal minus 3). And that negative GD is a real problem for us. Despite the presence of players like Auba and Laca, and rising stars like Saka and ESR we’re just not scoring enough. I find it very odd and incredibly frustrating that the manager, normally so vocal about every deficiency in the game, repeatedly tries to steer the conversation away from the number of chances we create to needing to be efficient. He calls it maths but to me this is just counterintuitive.

Anyway, that aside, if we can dominate Leicester the way we did Villa, we could go up to 5th in the table, right after the early kickoff. But this won’t be easy to do, especially because they have one time rumoured Arsenal target Tielemans in great form and scoring great goals. Plus Maddison is getting back in form and starting to affect games again. While Vardy, of course, remains a threat as does Iheanacho and new signings Patson Daka.

Test for our midfield

It will be a real test for our defence, but even more our midfield. If Partey and partner(s), whether Sambi or the recently resurrected AMN, can assert themselves our attack can surely cause Leicester some problems. They haven’t been exactly defensively secure this season.

Which is why I hope we go after them. Well, I’d hope for that anyway. It is how Arsenal are supposed to do things. But it is also a sensible approach to this game in my view. Leicester could also conclude the same, seeing as their success against ManU also came from a mad attacking game. This could really be a fun game to watch as long as both teams really truly go for a win. I also suspect both these clubs have a little bad blood, or a developing rivalry at least. A potentially exciting game. Let’s hope both clubs go for it, and Vardy doesn’t get to dive/cheat/score and do his annoying celebrations.



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  1. Rosicky@ArsenalOctober 30, 2021 at 3:02 am

    Great podcast Shotts and George.
    It will be a big test for Arteta I am not confident we will be able to get back home with 3 points.

    Let’s see are we going in the right direction. I have my doubts.


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