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Xhaka Is A Key Player – UnCensored Podcast

Granit Xhaka (Photo by Wikimedia)

In the latest edition of  the weekly UnCensored Podcast, Shotta and Blackburn George stress the importance of Granit Xhaka as Arsenal defeat Newcastle in the opening match of the 2019-20 Premier League season. The Uncensored Arsenal podcast is now available on Spreaker, Soundcloud, Itunes and Google podcasts.

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  1. Weird thing was Newcastle did have some chances in the first half, a more clinical striker or a striker on form could have easily embarrassed us.
    Key thing this season is to watch what happens if we go 1-0 down at places like St J P. If we can get up and back on it, we will have progressed from last season.
    Is the whole ripping up of our players some sort of reaction to their own lives living in turbo capitalism/consumerism? = crave it, buy it, like it, slag it, hate it, dump it, next! Plus I think turbo capitalism is obsessed with the pursuit of perfection. And thats not coming while we hang around in dualities, but humans are becoming increasingly gripped in this mentality. A perverted type of cruelty?
    AMN doesnt seem a natural defender to me, poor bloke seems shoved into that position. In another universe in the multi verse the bloke is playing well in midfield.
    Do you think that Iwobi could have developed more under UE? My thought its that he knew that he couldnt, he needs a Weng, Pep, Klopp etc etc etc.

    Thanks to Shotts and George.

    • Nice one guys.

      A bullsh*t free chat about the Footy.

      Thank you!

      Shotts you still need to kill the echoe/reverb on your line for the recordings somehow – almost perfect now just a little more tweaking.

    • Mills

      Given that The Jeff’s career has progressed well since Emery dumped him I also guess that Iwobi also concluded that as a creative central midfielder who essentially debuted at ten in the Nou Camp that Emery is not the coach for him or any other CM who likes to pass the Football in the centre of the opponent’s half (in a sport called Football…

      Imagine Emery with Jay Jay Okocha in his squad?
      Exactly. You know, I know, and even little Billy Big Blagger knows what advice Iwobi’s uncle gave him after last season’s decimation of Emery’s rep in the football world.

  2. To: All well thinking, fair minded Arsenal fans. There is no secret what George and I are trying to achieve in our weekly podcasts. We are a little molehill resisting the mountain of Arsenal bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers who are thriving on negativity adding further instability to our club at a time of transition. Please give the podcast your support by Subscribing, retweeting on Twitter, linking to your social media account and by word of mouth.

  3. Need some more moles to comment on the pieces over here at molehill. But it will come. Just needs time and a bit of digging around.

    • I am absolutely confident we will break through Mills. Give it time. Most football fans still believe Big Blogger-X or Top Tweeter-Y with their YouTube account really care for the club. To the contrary what they really care for is monetizing their project. The best way to monetize is by emphasizing negativity. AFTV has shown how to play that game. It was easy to play that game with Wenger as after 20 years familiarity bred contempt. But now it is easier to see these guys are simply destroying the club making it impossible for us to rise out of our current mediocrity. If Arsenal had lost to Newcastle there is no doubting Big Blogger-X and Top Tweeter-Y would have torn into Xhaka and made him the scapegoat.

  4. I agree Shotts. A lot of their thinking seems a bit bone head to me, no matter how articulate. Just watched an interview with the DL thats on YT by the Beeb, and it was nuts. Angry righteous journalist pushing a personal agenda and twisting and turning and being a bit nasty, same old psychotic position of being the one, while everyone else isnt. Seems a lot of the thinking of many people in the media (social and established)is like this attitude(not all but often): slick but missing something but with glaring agendas. Football seems to be riddled with it in the same way. Quick memes and answers dont really cover things. Theres not much discussion but loads of debate. Debate is sort of wank really. To me (and thats just my poin of view)what PA and here have to add is something a bit beyond the Pale, going a bit further and with new angles, debate seems more about the above plus shouting. World needs a bit of subtlety at the moment?
    I watched aftv earlier on in the summer until I couldnt stand the lies and agenda any more. Its a sort of pivotal time on earth; do you just bugger off in the corner and give up the ghost of it all, or stand yer ground and give them a scrap?

    Youre right about Xhaka,although he was high up on the scapegoat list last season. Weird thing is these people think they can play to a standard beyond players like that. So go and do it then!

  5. Arsenal players these days have to battle and fight against the opposition team, and the opposition fans and then our own fans. And then the media: broadsheets, tabloids, world-wide tv stations and analysis, a plethora of radio shows, and then the social media (which is often more powerful than the established media). And finally the pgmob and who knows what lurking in the shadows or that remain invisible.

    Tough to be an Özil or a Xhaka. Or a Mustafi or any player. Until the clubs takes back its own personal authority then the parasite will keep bleeding us dry. And the parasites are on the inside too.
    Q is, have the parasites made sure that Kos can not come back again as a hero (he is a Gunner hall of fame-er for sure), or will it be when theyve changed their minds? They way he left is really a weird blackhole, and no shopping spree for players can heal wounds like that.

    Sometimes the parasites remind me of those old Hollywood films from RKO the Frankenstein movies, where the locals all turn up with pitchforks and hoes and torches? If we lose three in a row the pitchforkers will be screaming for UE’s head.
    Surely theres go to be more to life than all this? Whats that? Dont call me Shirley?

  6. Shame they dont do an early mid week game at the beginning of the season? Everyones hungry for games and the wait just creates tedious silences or superfan nightshade articles. It might relieve the Christmas congestion too, which always seems a bit krank?

    • There is a good side to the lack of games. With the English transfer window closed the negative, scummy bloggers/podcasters/YouTubers are mostly deprived of oxygen.

  7. LOL!


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