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Arsenal Is Sinking Like The Titanic

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New Podcast: Arsenal is sinking like the Titanic, critically damaged but the band is still playing.

  • No quick-fix available.
  • Sinking into relegation danger.
  • Freddie Ljunberg unlikely to survive.
  • Key players have been lost because the Kroenkes refuse to spend big on wages.
  • More likely to leave as there is no prospect of winning trophies or European football.
  • No money to spend as the club falls out of Europe.

The future is grim. Is there any hope?

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  1. Seems my readers are speechless. Most believe were in disbelief when the Titanic was sinking. They took hours before sending out rescue boats. Most who got off on the few available lifeboats froze to death. Is history repeating itself with the mighty Arsenal?

  2. The squad has been ripped apart since the 2017 cup final victory over the champions.

    Coquelin and Gabriel sold with no replacements until a few years later, and they’re not as good!
    Chamberlain sold.
    His replacement Iwobi sold.

    Then there is the comprehensive list over the last 18 months and you all know the story,

    the squad has been gutted by a blunt butchers knife before our disbelieving eyes.

    Herbert Chapman’s mum
    My own mum as Paul kindly highlighted in the previous comments

    If the above and others are ignoring the person that has been making these calls in order to get a little money the their opinions on the Arsenal deserve little time.

    Thanks to George and Shotts for providing content that is not taking the piss out or a waste of precious time for the Arsenal fans.

    George called it last Summer. Not quite sabotage but a definite choice to degrade the squad and keep costs low whilst washing by some wonga through the agents – the Benfica/Porto model with a downgrade.

    • During the podcast I was going to tell George, I for one doubted his analysis when he said in that blog the selling of Ramsey showed the club had given up on Champions League. But I couldn’t get in a word. But he was absolutely right. IMO most of the Positivistas still don’t get it. It’s no longer AKBs vs WOBs; we are in a battle to “protect the values” of the club.

      • Shotta

        “Arsenal were a football club before Venga”

        Is this season’s equivalent to:

        “Ramsey & Ozil can’t play together”

        Different season. Same stale gravy.

        Anything as in ANYTHING to ignore the career and presence of Pat Rice at the club and the simple fact that for the last 24 months The Arsenal have been run by a management consultant with less then zero Football experience (indeed if you look you will find he has a frightening record in the game). Raul. And his gimps (including Edu?).

        Utd could cope with one of these parasites in Woodward as the worlds richest clubs.

        But Woodward had to reverse everything to save his job and attempt to re-create a boot room in recent times re-hiring people he’d sacked like Phelen. In fact Woodward’s first act after Phelen coached Utd to their last title was to sack Phelen and here is several years later trying to save his job with the re-appointment. But can you rebuild a boot room after several years? With Utd’s money you can, but that’s Utd. Not The Arsenal.

        Are things at AFC so bad after just one full season of his stewardship that the Clown Raul will feel compelled to appoint Arteta after having ignored him perviously? An Identical story to Pehelen

        Sir Chips, O’Leary – some commentators on these pages are failing to imply saying these people were just tippy tappy Venga/EU yes boyz yes? The comments are there!

        We can witness on your pages people identifying themselves as Arsenal lovers arguing against the demand for the presence of Football people at the club and what the current structure signifies.

        Are LCFC being run by a bunch of unqualified and previously disgraced management consultants or by football coaches and scouts etc backed by their owner? It’s a simple fucking question and there’s been a lot of guff written on these pages by people when:

        You all know the answer.

        we have witnessed people fail to airbrush the career of Pat Rice from AW’s time at the club, during the years of the false AKB vs WOB construct.
        Now we can read people accusing you or I of being some kind of Vengerista, as you say Shotts taking refuge in that awful AKB vs WOB made up construct – when we all have the knowledge and experience that no great coach works alone. OK if that is where they want to go then therefore let’s simply flip this question for Dave and friends:

        Has there ever been a football club managed by management consultant(s) worth following (regardless of even results)?

        *opens bag of popcorn*

  3. Nah they do get it, the values of the club in Wengertime have gone, we’re in a new time thats all. Thats what we get, weve seen it change loads of times, values, teams everything.You havent. Thats why its so horrible for you. Well it was worse in the old days and we survived.
    How do you think a mini blog with low readership, even if those people are smart and wise is going to change it, going on about Raul each day to people who already get it? We read, we comprehended and we get it, we’re on your side, but what to do? Positives arent idiots.

    Everything you guys argue for everyone already knows, aftv know it, Le Grove, A cultured Left foot Arseblog, everyone bloody well else. You might have been first, if you were spot and and cool, but so what? It didn’t change it did it. Call me out and arge as much as you want, but your still stuck in it with the rest of us. I know you want to show me whose at fault, well you have done already. So what can be done? Welcome to the helpless club life. Imagine being sent over the top in WW1 or fighting for Hitler when you didnt want to?

    The values that you love, left with Wenger. Its about how to survive in this time. Only way is to keep positive and support the club. Or go and attack the club or go on bigger blog spots that actually influence millions of people, what else can you do?
    I think youre still fighting for AKB world, not the posi people-how are you not. How are they? You want the Wenger values back, as much as they might. What are they to do, where are you leading them to? More about Raul and how its not like it was. Which Arsenal fan doesnt know that, and whats gone wrong? But how can we put it right?

    You want Raul out. So do they.
    You want values back. So do they.
    You want to win. So do they.

    You say it in every article. What more do you want. They aint Father Xmas or G-d. What can anyone do at small blog level?

    How are you going to change it with an article? You think Rauls going to say sorry and bog off and the Kroenkes too even if you write that everyday, who are you writing too? You assume too much of other people?

    Show me how they are AKB and you arent?

    I know Im not supporting you as you want, but what are the Positive people supposed to do, you and George cooked up the negative shit in reaction to the other shit, ist no different to other negative sites. Its bad times and has been noted since befre this site was set up, and it was noted at PA, and one nearly every other site before PA picked up on it. Just because some dweebs got it wrong doesnt mean everyone isnt awake and watching.

    Its time for new values and a new post Wenger world, but I cant organise can I , no matter if I link arms and groan along with you. Some us support regardless. How can you control the values of Wengertime from a backwater blog? Its a good blog, bit its still backwater.

    Rather than getting excited and kick my ass why dont you show us the way out of the mess, and if its just sacking Raul and getting in a new person and giving Freddie more time then organise it.

    Wheres the manifesto then? And show us who don’t get it at PA how to implement it. We cant, anymore than you here, but please say.

    Ban me if you want, but its not going away, even if you write loads of blogs and posts about it everyday. It will change and you cant always get what you want. Time to be wise about our own emotions. You might be on the Titanic but Im not. What if youre not on the Titanic? Do you want to be? What if youre all panicking too much? And if we go down, then we might go down further, and further and go into liquidation. Or we might not. But what can we really do thats effective? What can a fan do? Clubs arent democratic. How could that even be implemented.
    Do you want to be right and just say I told you so, what then? Everyones dumb except you guys, especially at PA?
    Thats not PA anymore anyway. And theyre not stupid, lots of wisdom over there today. Not the AKB world thats informed you guys. You cant fight against flux, but you can be wise with it.

    But you lead the battle and show me how effective your strategies are, rather than small group therapy, then I will follow you over the top anyday.

    I didnt want Wengers values to go, anymore than I wanted him gone, but what to do? Joining you in saying how bad it is? What good will that do? Everyone is already in agreement. Being first in your observations doesnt always mean we change change things. How do we change things?

    • Hi Dave. You certainly have a brassneck. Minutes ago you were on PA telling George his blog wasn’t the place to publish his own views on the football club because they were too negative. You then have the temerity to come to on these pages and advise me that my views are worthless because this is a minor blog.

      You absolutely don’t get it do you? This blog main objective is not popularity. We most care about being objective and fact based. The Titanic metaphor is apropos. Those who warned that the biggest, most powerful, most modern passenger ship in the world was on the verge of going under, based on telegraphic reports, were judged to be extremists, even lunatics. Similarly you don’t like being warned that Arsenal is sinking into mediocrity and are currently in 11th place, four (4) points from relegation zone.

      Instead of being helpful with your “positivity”, contrary to all the evidence, I have come to the conclusion you, and those of similar mind, are doing even greater damage to the club. You are simply being complicit with the Kroenkes and their underling Sanllehi as they continue to do great damage to the club. Rather than protesting, you want to silence those who are sounding the alarm.

      Instead, 40-years after football has gone through a revolution, when spending large sums on world-class talent and having a global brand is an absolute necessity to be a top European club, you are wishing and hoping that things will will improve just as it did when you sat in the terraces of Highbury with dreadfully poor attendances and equally dreary football in the 70s and 80s. Dream on thinking you will have a decent, competitive squad eventually. Sadly the supporters of Nottingham Forest and Leeds have long been in similar denial. I wonder if they were just as intolerant.

      • Nah, you dont get it. You were calling out good people on PA. PA is a positive site. Its all those people have.
        There is no objectivity Shottas, only subjectivity. Even facts are interpreted differently.
        I haven’t called zou anz names but you call me a brassneck. Why because I don’t agree with you? But if you read what I wrote instead of being offened at being challenged you would see i agree with you. Im not on Rauls side or the Kronekes and theres no evidence for that ay´nywhere.
        I know where we are but shitting our pants as fans what good will that do? I like George and respect him that why I wrote it, has it occurred that maybe I feel the same about you?
        Not all the football was dreary in the 70s or 80s. I loved the Wenger years and said so. Try to keep it on track and read what Ive written, youve assumed Im the enemy. Why?

        Were the fans of Leeds and Forest intolerant, well im ignorant on that so I dont know. And what if we do go down, what does it really mean, I mean in a worldy sense? Kids are dying and being abused and theres trafficking and horrible things.So what in that sense, what does it really mean?
        What I wrote on PA is for people to be positive and you dont want that by attacking me for saying to George lets get up. How is that bad to have a positive group rather than listening to the negative podcast?
        This is your first experience of it all. Im asking for everyone to keep their heads in that group. No exactley a crime!?
        I didnt say i want ed to silence anyone I said what can we do, read the post. I m not a silence Im trying to get things up on positively Arsenal, ist not the same site as here. I challenged yu as you called out people on PA.
        Why does seeling out mean people have to change their views? I said if you show the way to true asction I would follow. I dont think you guys read the posts too much?
        We are on the same side, if yu read it properly.

      • Shotta this is important to me: I didnt tell George what or not what to publish on his blog. I asked him if he thought it was right for PA and said I didnt think it was. Its different to what you said that I wrote.
        Also it wasnt always ill attended at Arsenal, as was at many games with 55,000 (more than that they let in) and the atmosphere was better than where we are now.
        And for the last time, Im not on Rauls side, or Kronekes or not for having a great squad, Im asking about what its like to be a fan. Please anyone who wants to get in this, please read and dont assume, please. You are not under attack because as question is being asked.
        So how do we protest and get the club to hear and listen?

        As for the Titanic they didnt have a chance, not because of hubris that was put on it by the magazine that said it was unsinkable but because of a weird weather system that caused a flat calm pond like state and means that things get reflected upside down and the horizon is upside down and impossible to see things (even if they had remembered the binoculars) the as they are. Many ships logged this at the time and a person made it into a docu.
        I dont need to be warned but if I choose to have a clam head so what? If Im right then what you were wrong. If youre wright then Im wrong. But I dont play or run the club. What can I do? I dont sit on the board. And the board dont read your blog. Dont assume Im talking about not talking Im talking about how to get through.To really get through, not just to other bloggers who also aren’t getting through. Tough questions if we answer them without being offended?
        Sorry even if the ships sinking as your convinced Im not.Who can really tell if it is or isnt? It might look like it but what if its the Kickstarter to go on and get up? Its 50-50 and one of us might be wrong. And? You can blame me, but I didnt make the mess, I didnt start it, Ive wrtten in agreement here and on PA etc and havent done the crime. Im not justifying them. I asked questions of the pod, and said I thought people at PA go it as to the “value battle ” situation. I like those people and respect them. I loved Arsenal for a long time, and if the ship is sinking I wont be a rat( as people might think) that leaves, but will still support.
        So how can we really protect the values that have already gone? They went the day Wenger left? Talking about them on a blog, will it bring them back? I said the blog is a backwater, but hat doesnt mean its not good, but its surely a lie to say its a major river of Arsenal fans and opinion. Im not saying it cant be, but there was no real need to be offended.
        Arent these interesting things to look at?

        Why does PA have to be negative because the storm seems to be? It doesnt or wont make it more “real”? Anyway, you will be pleased as George has come out on your side. People like me now have no where to go.

        Gonna leave you guys in peace. Sorry if you were offened, sure wasnt meant to be.

  4. Dave. You are right and you are wrong.

    You are correct in that the situation is as it is and there is nothing that we armchair pundits can do about it.

    However, where you are wrong is that we will never provide the solutions, because it is not up to us.

    We are upset and distressed at what we see is happening to something that is an important part of our lives, so the only thing we can do is talk about it and, if what we say today is nothing more than a repitition of what we said yesterday, but in other words, it still makes us feel better.

    How much effect the negatve blogging had on the decision to remove Wenger before an adequate succession had been arranged we will not know, but the alternative is to sit on our hands and do nothing which will not help us at all and make us feel worse as the situation gets worse.

    So, as the blogging is nothing more than a paliative, please allow us keep on taking the pills.

    If you prefer to do and say nothing that is your prerogative an dthat may be just right for you.

  5. Im not stopping anyone from doing anything, nor do I want to ,nor have I even said so. Im all for democracy even if its means weird moments that are ethically difficult. I havent said stop but if the people at PA are on the sinking ship as is said groaning about it wont stop it. And if we cant stop groaning then we must sink with it? But it isnt the right podcast for PA in my opinion. And the people over there do get it. Why doesn’t everyone have to agree its sinking? What if it doesnt. Much ado about nothing?
    Where am i advocating saying nothing. Please show me, ist actually the opposite. But I ask again you think this is better than nothing, but what is there to be done, Ive asked that’s all. I haven’t called anyone out or said vile names or been a turd. Im trying to ask questions thats all. I keep stating what I think and my persuasion which is pretty similar to your guys but you see what you want?
    For here its fine as Im sure you all agree? Whose listening ? The club? Raul? 100 people, 250 max? I know you’re going to say if we dont speak then nothing is said: but the whole Goonersphere is going on about it all now. Maybe too late, but the club still made its decision. If Wenger had kept us top four he probably wouldn’t have gone. No I didn’t want him to go.
    Shotta says its a battle for the values but we lost that battle. We werent even in it. It was a private issue within the club. I didnt want it,neither did you lot bit we’ve got it. But to say we’re in a battle seems a bit misplaced to me. Maybe a scrap with a few other fans but what else? And what good does it do when all fans are empty handed in the running of the club? Wengers gone an so are the values. So what to do?
    Ok lets suppose Shottas right and the people at PA don get it ( not true but lets suppose) what are they supposed to do? Unite and do what, approach the club? Get out the torches and farm yard implements and go to the club? What are we to do? I said I will follow.
    The podcast today is really negative because that how they feel, and not saying dont. But others are looking for positive signs of growth ,are they wrong? Maybe they seem weak and stupid because they know the change ( which is you want) might be coming). If we arent to sink as predicted then they are the ones who are on the spot?
    Footballs all about reaction, but sometimes leaders like Wenger come in and other managers who know what to do and put things in another direction. Looking at it how it is is going against the laws of the universe (man)
    Im saying dont call out others for being inert when their system are equally valid and they arent and most blogs are closed systems. . Doom and gloom sells well and positive stuff doesnt. All fans can really do is support. YYou guys,quite rightly want to stand for the Wenger years as it was good. But theyre officially over. So how do we get the values back when we dont have a word to say in the matter. Standing up for it is one thing, but whats that got to do with PA? Some of those guys look for the green shoots while you like for the sinking? Just saying.
    Taking the pills is fair enough but the only road is find one and not be on tablets, to see it as it really is and to then adapt. I like the blog and what people write, they are smart, but its mostly lamenting whats gone and its all gone wrong and not like it was. Are you feeling better because you know the cause and the symptoms, wheres the cure? Shouting out “we’re sinking” wont stop it from sinking, we need action, and asking you, who say you see what to do?

  6. By the way i am not going to ban Dave or anyone because they has a different viewpoint from mine but I will point out when they are rude and disrespectful. Blame this on my 20th century upbringing, not the timid, timorous political correctness of this millenium.

    Blogging instead of pills JJGSOL. I will take me coat.

  7. But I havent been rude where have I ? Counter arguments and questions within a system are not rudeness. Look we live in a world we we can no longer say anything without discussion, what wrong with that? Maybe Im just asking questions for our situation.
    If I didnt respect you Shotta, I wouldnt have written, cant you see that? Im not into name calling or being rude its juvenile, I do do it but try no tt o on blogs. Questions can be tough as they rattle the cage? And? Discussion or fascism? Discussion! NO im not calling anyone a fascist! But only having a singular viewpoint is unless we kick the gong around a bit is like that and that can be a major fault on many blogs.But cheers for not giving me the boot! Old Brassneck Dave! ( Im laughing SHotta!, please laugh with me)
    I know Raul, values, but how can we go further as fans, just a commentary on events? How can we influence? Can we? This is what Ive asked.
    I dont actually have a different view from yours , I agree, I just asked a few questions and felt the podcast was too negative for PA and those people who are still there.And they do get it.

    • Dave – My point about rudeness and disrespect was a general comment. I am not offended by a different point of view, What offends me are those who want to restrict our thoughts, ideas and ultimately our free speech. To the matter at hand; Arsenal is in trouble and it is getting worse because of major decisions by the Kroenkes and implemented by Sanllehi. Fact is the majority of those who wanted Wenger out cannot easily step up and admit they were wrong and admit the current trajectory was something they once cheered for. Counter intuitively, many who defended Wenger out of loyalty for the club, are afraid to seem hypocrites by now exposing the new regime. It is a mess and we are suffering because of a lack of unity. The ship is sinking and we need to ring the alarm and demand changes.

  8. I havent once restricted anything, Im all for free speech, but im even more for discussion. My comment to George wasnt even nasty. Ive written some things to him over there about it all, but hes in another place now. Thats tough to deal with.Im a long term fan shotta. I see and feel the worries, and Im not frightened to call the club out for what theyve done.Ive said whose side Im on, but what can be done, this is a no mans land at the moment for me rather than a sinking.
    I will say, I feel terrible for the people like Stew and Rich and Ed and the others who need a safe though. We have no where to go. So many of the old guard left and now if theres doom and gloom there whats left? I liked it as a few old timers were seeing the shoots of renewal. Its tough for me not to have George on the side of Positivity like the old days though. But all things are ending and beginning.
    I wrote a bit more earlier about the ship sinking so hopeful you will see that?
    Look I am going to go in peace, and I know its tough when someone comes in on a blog, and all kudos for not booting me out and hopefully you can see that asking questions get things fired up.I hope zou guzs can mull over a few things Ive asked? Heres to beat West Ham
    Keep on keepin on!


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