Wenger’s legacy is fundamental. Free flowing, attacking football by a club with integrity and class.

Farewell Gunnersaurus. Farewell To Class.

Podcast: Yours truly, Shotta, and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger, discuss the revelations by Daniel Quy of how his father, Jerry Quy, the original Gunnersaurus, was sacked in a totally classless manner by the management of Arsenal and their corporate owners Kroenke Sports Enterprises.

What implications does this have for the future of our football club?

Important message: We are one of very few Arsenal pod-casters, if any, who are willing to take a critical view of some of the recent developments on- and off-the-field at Arsenal, which  should be cause for concern to any honest, fair-minded fan of the football club. Daniel Quy is just a recent example of a fan who had to go public about the lack of class by the current management. Show your support of our efforts by Liking and Subscribing to our podcast wherever you listen

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  1. So we are all “good Gooners” now? We loyally support the club, regardless of the repeated and continuing violations of our tradition of class. This will end well.

  2. Great content as always. Says a lot that the same people who hounded out Mr Wenger can’t even call out this bullshit. This is no longer the Arsenal we know and love and it is sad that a part of this fanbase choose to ignore that

    • Thank Maidan for your kind feedback. Most people seem to think we are too harsh on the club but the way Arteta, the management and the Kroenkes now treat our people, both players and staff, is a disgrace. You could forgive them for the dire football but the trashing of the club’s traditional values is unforgivable.


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